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  • Discover the simple yet rarely talked about strategies for overcoming negative self talk and self sabotage
  • Re-engineer your passion & purpose with power. Lead everyday from here on with a renewed & enriched mindset
Los AngelesClick here to Register: Saturday June 18, 2016
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Discover the Exact, Up-to-The-Moment Techniques  for Harnessing The Inner Power and Creating Inspiring Breakthroughs In Every Aspect of Your Life

Dear Friend,

If you could reach through an imaginary mirror, take the hands of the person you will be 10 or 20 years hence, lead him for a far side check.

What would be your conversation with him like? What do you think each of you would say?

Would he thank you for all your achievements and accomplishments. Would he appreciate you for all the hard work you put in for creating all the success you have today. Would he put his hand around you, embrace you for adding years to his life and life to his year?


You will have hard time seeing in his eyes, keeping your head up explaining why you have let him down. Would you explain to him how you have been so caught up leading your life by default that you have failed to "Design a Life" that you always dreamt.

I have news for you.. Strange it may sound. You will meet this person one day and you'll have this far side check. You can't avoid, evade or escape him. You will have breakfast,lunch and dinner with him. Heck you will even sleep with him. He will become your bed fellow.

Whether he embraces you or blames you depends on a decision you make today...

Before I go any further .. my name is Srini Saripalli. I'm honored you visited this site. For some I'm a "Hypnotist" for others  a "Success Coach"  but interestingly among many of my savvy clients and listeners I'm known as.."The Mind Doctor"

Now, I'm not actually a "Doctor"-- I don't have a PhD and I can't remember the last time I visited my own primary care physician either --  but the simple, proven, profitable techniques I teach are the "Secret force" behind the success of many people...(in fact, you might want to check out some of the testimonials later on this page to get an idea of some of the over 10,000 who have transformed their lives, relationships, finances and businesses by following my simple, proven and tremendously profitable systems on success via my workshops, seminars and private coaching).

Let me ask you two important questions

  1. Do you have a strong desire to change and prepare yourself for the future?
  2. Is this desire strong enough and compulsive enough to make you do something about it?

If the  answer to any of the questions in "NO", I suggest you exit this site right now.  I assure you what I share here will be a waste of your time. On contrary If your answer is "YES", I welcome you to a the world of possibilities and boundless opportunities.  You'll want to invest the few minutes it takes to read every word I have to say here..

Let me get straight to the point...The world is full with well meaning but misguided people, who want to prepare for the future, they emphathetically vow to do something about it, they understand the importance of self improvement yet somehow they just can't get around it. They are always about to begin, they commence to start, pretty soon, before very long too late to do anything about it.

The Ultimate Secret To Creating Success Is..

Your Willingness To Change!

You see change is simple when its invited with open hands and open mind. The problem with many of us is... despite recognizing change we just don't want to change. We hang out with the same friends, same relationships, same jobs -- we hang out with our own kind. Monkey see, monkey do. This is what I call "Life Incest". It works like real incest. People get dumber and dumber.

Pardon me,  I can't stop but quote one of the greatest marketers of all times.. Gary Halbert and his theory on resistant minds.. now infamously known as

  • Carbonized 'S**T' Theory

    Most people have had so much S**T crammed into their brain it has, through force of confinement, actually carbonized into an impenetrable solid mass consuming every square inch of brain space. No new thought can enter; there’s no room, no give

With that as caution, I will shortly introduce to a radically different approach to creating a new life in 3-easy and simple steps. Keep reading…

...Chances Are Your failures Are NOT Your fault

Despite of best upbringing, education and experience  over 97% people are in a state of constant conflict. They are lost, confused and perplexed. They recognize what they have to change and they do want to change but the truth is, most of their efforts in reading success books, listening to motivational tapes end up with minimal or no sustained results.

To explain this further.. let me ask you,  Have you ever tried to convince an emotionally charged person with logic & rational?…I bet you lost that argument.

When Emotions & Logic Are In Conflict, Emotions Always WIN!

The human brain can be divided into two-parts Conscious and Sub-Conscious.  Our emotions are created and stored in our sub-conscious part of the brain where as all our logic and critical thinking comes from the conscious part. Sub-conscious is 10 times bigger than conscious and pretty much over-rules everything the conscious intends to do. For example, you may have seen two people having identical starting points in life but at the end one achieved highest success while the other was always..

Why did one succeed by leaps and bounds… his conscious and sub-conscious were in harmony.  The later failed because of his actions that were stemming from his limiting beliefs. He consciously knew what to do, he had all the knowledge and the expertise yet he failed.

You cannot make a million dollars consciously when subconsciously you are metered to earn $10k a month. You cannot stay home and take care of your kids when subconsciously you are driven to party with friends in the evening, or they other way around. Even if you are successful in doing so.. understand there is a potential of convincing, lying and hiding facts to your partner.

...Successful first time? how about the second time or the third time? (Did I say.. I also help couples in distress)

You get the idea…

There’s Good News & Bad News

Good news is anyone can be freed from their limiting beliefs, thought patterns or emotions almost instantly. The bad news is people are so much conditioned to their medieval  thinking  that they unequivocally and empathetically believe that nothing can change their life conditions.

The truth is every individual has within himself  the seeds of  his own growth and the virus for his own destruction. Whether he cultivates a condition for his own growth or a climate for his own destruction, is completely up to him.

Think for a moment; the computer or the smart device on which you are reading this letter, the room you are in now, the chair on which you are sitting all were imagined by someone before they were created. You see thoughts are things.. its our thoughts that frame our beliefs, our actions and eventually our outcomes.

If you believe Your Life Will change.. You’re Right. If you believe Nothing Good Can Happen To You.. You’re Right too!

Are you willing to change your beliefs,  Are you willing to be ahead of your own self,  Are you willing to acquire all the knowledge, systems and put them into practice.

Reality is if you don’t start right at this very moment.. When will you?

If You Are Ready?  I extend you an invitation to attend a closed-door, 2-day  Summit2Success Weekend Transformation workshop and be part of a special group of people where I’ll show you how you create a new life in 3-simple steps

Transform Your Life At My Next Closed-Door, Limited-Seating Full Day Intensive…


Yes, its not a workshop, seminar ..but an Intensive.  2-day 2-night Intensive ( Yes we go very late into the evening)

Over the last few years, I’ve been conducting this workshop in various forms, shapes and sizes. It’s the one workshop where people come to make radical changes in their life and they do. The testimonials speak for themselves

It’s the one workshop where I alone — with the occasional exception of my core team — train you duringtwo solid days. I pour my heart giving away everything I know about human engineering, business growth, financial and relationship success.

There is no “Class Room Theory” here.. Summit2Success workshop is a direct result of my years of work helping change people. The principles I teach here are real world strategies tested and proven under fire. I’m unlike those success trainers, speakers and coaches who perform only in their memories or run business only in their nightmares standing up on stage, pumping out audio products, telling you how to do, what they haven’t, don’t or can’t.

I live where you live, in the real world. Where results rule, where dollars can’t be wasted on wishes. I put my money where my mouth is, in my own business. I make empowering changes in clients who put thousands of dollars at risk on my say-so.. I have to be right

Summit2Success workshop is a proven 3-step system and it works.

A Quick Overview...

A High level overview of what you'll be learning for a full day at the  Summit2Success Workshop.

  • 1

    The Core: Inner Game

    Understand your deepest desires, your feel good factors. Learn the “Art of Thought” — thought creation, progression & manifestation. Develop empowering patterns for shaping a new life

  • 2

    The Crust: The Inter-Personal Game

    Develop and Listen to your inner voice for clarity & wisdom/ Make peace with your past, practice the art of forgiving and forgetting. Build rapport with your inner-self to love others and be loved. Succeed in your career..become a peak performer at work & business.

  • 3

    The Mantle: The Outer Game

    Explore and develop your own influence and persuasion mechanisms. Learn to personify your personality and enforce it with character. Master the communications patterns that create mass compliance.

Rave Reviews from past attendees...

Each testimonial is profound with deep meaning and a new heart felt transformation attached to them

Four Additional Killer Mastery Sessions..

  • Mastering Money

    This 90-minute session will take you behind the scenes on how to master the art of money. How to attract, keep and grow money. The core essentials of creating a secured financial future.. Yes money is all about mindset. You’ll master it here.

  • Mastering Relationships

    Reconnect, recover and rejoice lost relationships: Great relationships involve a lot of hard work. They just don’t happen, this 90-minute session will take you behind the scenes on how to create everlasting relationships

  • Mastering Weightloss

    Like money… weight loss is also more about mindset than action. In this 90 minute session you’ll discover the secrets to raising metabolism, programming yourself to results driven workouts and mastering food cravings

  • Mastering Communication Patterns

    This 90 minute session will take you behind the scenes and explain you the hypnotic communication patterns you need to master to accelerate your growth in the ever competing workplace.

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